Sensual Swan

Prone on the mat; (lying flat on  your stomach) separate your legs slightly further than hip distance and turn your feet outward.

Place your hands on the outside of your shoulders and keep your elbows by your side

**Be careful not to lift your neck, or elevate your shoulders. As you push up, feel your shoulders pushing down your back. That means you are using your arms to lift you up; not your shoulders


Inhale while lifting with your triceps, and push your upper body off the mat.

Exhale lower your upper body back down to the mat

Repeat 8-10’s



  1. Inhale; push up into a Swan Dive 1 (photo) above
  2. Exhale; as your upper body is lowering down to the mat, extend your legs off the mat, (or 1 leg at a time).
    1. When lifting your legs, feel your butt cheeks pressing together. Your hamstrings, (back of your thighs) and and Gluteus Maximus, (but cheeks) are pulling your legs off the mat.
    2. Repeat 8-10x’s
    3. See the photo belowimg_2478

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