Your Body is a Temple

Why do you exercise? Why do you prefer one type of workout over another? We exercise because after completing the intense accomplishment, we feel a release of endorphins. In other words, a rush of joy. Building a workout goal is important, but feeding your body with negative energy will cause either little to zero results, OR no results at all.

You might think you are only alternating your body, but you are also alternating your mind. After seeing the desired results, you feel better about yourself. Afterwards, you begin to desire to reach for better and stronger results. You don’t just want a good body, you want a KILLER body. Your mind convinces you of all of these desires.

Pilates is a form of exercise that feeds your mind happy, healthful thoughts, which spreads throughout your body. It is a type of exercise that trains your mind to control your body. You become more familiar with HOW your body should perform the exercise, along with proper breathing, and concentration.  After this realization, that rush of joy is released and you want to reach for a bigger challenge. You want to reach for IMPROVEMENT. If your mind is filled with a positive outlook on life, you will notice results occurring at a faster pace.


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