Hello Everyone!!!

My name is Jordan Wallace and it is my pleasure to introduce the wonders and joy the movement of Pilates can bring to one’s heart, mind and body!

Several years ago, I began attending various types of Yoga and Pilates classes and enjoyed how I felt after each workout. My posture improved and I noticed my muscles toned up. Not only did I re-sculpt my body, but also my mind. In other words, I felt calmer and happier. One day, a Pilates Instructor approached me after a class and said she and the owner of the studio are recruiting others to teach Pilates. She asked if I would be interested in becoming certified to teach. To quote a student who I met through a former internship, “You have discovered your passion.”

This is the beginning of a journey to share this passion with others. I pray that you find as much happiness in Pilates as I have.

Thank you for visiting!